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“Wprost” Eagles 2019 for Hydrotor

article by: at: 19th Apr 2019 under: News

We have the pleasure to inform you, that Hydrotor in 17.04.2019 has received “Wprost” Eagles 2019 award.

The Eagles by “Wprost” for Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship is organized by the publisher and the editors “Wprost” weekly newsmagazine, and they are granted free of charge to the largest and most dynamic companies, which contribute significantly to the development of the regional and national economy.

The winners are selected by independent company Bisnode on the basis of an objective study, which checks several aspects of the company’s operations. The main criteria that the company must meet are appropriate profitability and dynamics of the increase in net profit, as well as the net gain.

Link to article, and to award ceremony.

"Wprost" Eagles 2019 - Hydrotor



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