The manufacturer of modern hydraulic solutions.

The state-owned Company of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery was set up in 1945. Until 1966 the company was specializing in major repairs of tractor engines and production of spare parts for agricultural machines.

Since 1st of January of 1966 the company has extended its activity introducing mass production and repairs of agricultural machine parts.

In the seventies the company launched production of hydraulic elements: in 1975 – of oil pumps, in the following years – of pressure relief valves, hydraulic pumps and selector valves.

Power Hydraulic Company HYDROTOR S.A. was set up in December of 1991 on the basis of the former state-owned company by its transformation into a private company applying an employee stock ownership plan.

Since 1992 the company has been making considerable investments into new machinery and equipment . The investments were mainly related to purchase of CNC machine tools and complex computerization.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company focused on developing its production capacity. It was necessary because of very dynamic sales growth and a wide range of products.

The transformation into private joint stock company contributed to rapid development ,since then a wide variety of new products has been developed and introduced. Good quality of these products was recognized and since July 1996 the company has been certified to ISO 9001 standard.

The issuer’s share capital is composed of 2.398.300 shares.
The issuer’s nominal share value is 2 PLN.

Management board of the company: Wacław Kropiński-CEO and Wiesław Wruck – Board Member.


WZM Wizamor founded


Hydrotor and Agromet ZEHS founded


WPH founded


Mass production and repairs of the agrucultural parts


Production of hydraulic components – pumps, valves etc.


P.H.S. Hydrotor becomes joint-stock company


Purchasing new machining centres and computerization.


Obtaining of the ISO 9001


Company's shares quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


HydrotorBis LLC founded


Aquiring of the WPH Wrocław


Aquiring of the WZM Wizamor Więcbork.


Founding of the new department division - Large part precision machining center.


Aquiring new machining centres.


Building a new production facility.